Dictionary of Dinosaurs

by Quarto

Dictionary of Dinosaurs is a fact-packed guide to the prehistoric world, from the Triassic to the Cretaceous—as well as from A to Z.

Learn about the biggest, most fearsome, and strangest dinosaurs that ever lived, with up-to-date facts from real dino experts. Featuring firm favorites such as T. rex, Ankylosaurus, and Triceratops, as well as lesser-known beasts like the Baryonyx, the Rugops, and the Shanag, no dino is left behind in this comprehensive guide.

Dictionary of Dinosaurs also includes a timeline, showing which dinosaurs lived when and where, and how the Earth has changed over millions of years. Each entry includes:

  • A fact file giving statistics on size, diet, when it lived, and where
  • Colorful, eye-popping illustrations of the dinosaurs based on the most modern research
  • Human-dinosaur scale diagram
  • Latin names and pronunciations

Dictionary of Dinosaurs is a must-have addition to the bookshelf of any budding dinosaur expert.

  • 184 Pages
  • Ages 4+